Conid Pens, Made In Antwerp, Belgium

by Cam Schutte

At the 2018 Colorado Pen Show in Denver, I was fortunate to participate in the first exhibit of Conid pens at a Pen Show in the United States.  This is a bit of background and a report on that experience.

A very close friend and fellow penman who lives in Denver purchased a Conid pen last spring.  As an engineer he was fascinated with the engineering aspects of both the design and manufacture of these unique fountain pens.  After using his new pen for only a short time, his fascination turned to an avid enthusiasm, rarely using other pens in his collection.

So, with the approaching pen show in Denver, he contacted Conid and offered to provide a table to promote their custom pens and educate those in attendance on the benefits and exceptional performance of the Conid products.

The response was wonderful.  Since they had not previously had a presence at a pen show in the U.S., the Conid staff thought it was an interesting proposition.  In fact, they provided 5 demo pens representing the various models and nibs available for show attendees to actually use.  In addition, they shipped a large vertical display to get attention and plenty of literature.

What transpired was amazing.  For 3 days there was a steady flow of people sitting down at the table to write with the pens and learn about the uniqueness and merits of Conid writing instruments.  My friend only asked that they take a little time to provide feedback on their experience via email to Conid.

Shortly after the show, my friend received word from Conid that they were overwhelmed with the number of responses and even orders that they had received.  The promotion was a huge success.  It is very likely that a Conid presence will now be noticed at future pen shows in the U.S. 

And, yes, mine is due to arrive soon! 

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