Sharing Is A Good Thing- Birmingham Writing Ink Samples at Our Next Meeting

by Renee Palting, SAzPC communications volunteer

The Birmingham Pen Company has a great selection of pens, inks, and papers. I discovered this supplier of affordable writing items on a quest to find an affordable way to share the fountain pen experience with others. I recently shared this great resource with someone who has taken to the inks not only because of the creative names but because they are actually great inks.  But truth be known, she lived in the Pittsburgh area, so the names really hit a home run for her.  This month, our chosen samples are from the Birmingham Writing Ink Collection. Their names are all representative of the unique Pittsburgh history.  The inks themselves are made in Germany.  Ink ml range from 30ml to 60ml, with of course the option of ink samples. I was taken to purchase the Fred Rogers Cardigan Red ink along with Andy Warhol Pop Art Purple.  Now, I have a diverse collection of these inks; I find the colors are strong and true.  I have made a few other purchases aside from inks.

logo.pngI have purchased their Fountain Pen and Ink Sets. Very affordable sets of a fountain pen, Tomoe Pocket notebook, nice wire clips in the shape of a pen nib, a full-size bottle of the Birmingham Writing Ink, 2 ink converters and a nice gift box.  I started buying these great little sets as gifts for friends but found myself gifting them to me as well. They carry a nice selection to go along with inks... paper, pens, nibs, and accessories. 

Shipping is free with a minimum order of $30 most times and some items are just shipped free. So far, everything has always arrived quickly and safely and always with a hand signed thank you note.  

I'm glad we will be sharing samples of these great inks with our members.  

See you at the next meeting.

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