What's On Your Reading List?

by Lisa Logan (SAzPC Volunteer Organizer)

For our first blog on the SAPC site I'm going to talk about blogs. Specifically blogs I like and follow. There are blogs for everything. I think every so often "Hey! I should do this too." and then I settle down for a nap.
When I first went from someone who always had a fountain pen with them to crazed fountain pen collector/user, I relied on eBay to find out what that vintage pen that I saw a picture of was. It's not always the best way to buy but it is good for research. 
That leads us to blogs. If I can't buy every pen I want, I can at least read about them. One of the first was Leigh Reyes: My Life As A Verb. Leigh has some pens and she's not afraid to use them. Some of her videos with pens and ink as art just fascinate me. I could watch for hours. She is the reason I went searching for an Omas 361 and was delighted when I found one. She is also the reason I buy less cheap pens so someday I'll be able to buy a Nakaya. 
Another blog I like is Gentleman Stationer. He does reviews on things that he buys or are sent to him to review. He has a section called Sunday Reading with links to a few other blog posts. I have found a few that I really like from there. 
Ink Journal does great ink reviews and has filled in the gap for an ink sample subscription that Goulet Pens left open. It's always a surprise and there are options for add ons for the box. 
Hand Over That Pen does pen reviews with three different writers and points of view. It’s always interesting to compare grips and hand sizes. 
Gourmet Pens blogs about all things pen, ink, and writing related. Her videos are always great to watch. She’s nudged me into many an ink purchase and I’m still lusting after that Waterman music nib.
S.B.R.E.Brown does video reviews that are perfect. He’ll tell what he likes about a pen and what he doesn’t like and then he’ll do a writing sample. Always great video reviews. 
Some others sites I like are: 
And there are certainly others. If there’s one you like, let us know and we’ll add them to the list.
If anyone out there wants to send me (Lisa Logan / sapenclub@yahoo.com) something to review....feel free. I’ve gained a lot of knowledge from testing pens, inks, and paper and have really enjoyed sharing that knowledge with new pen people and people who have been collecting for years.

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